Your Spreadsheet Calculator: Migration Guide


Avoid proceeding directly to production. Instead, follow these instructions:

  • Create a clone of your production website where you can test the migration.
  • In your testing environment, migrate your plugin and apply the changes listed below.
  • Once everything is working in your testing environment and you are satisfied, create a full backup of your production website.
  • Apply all the changes in the same order to the production website.

How to migrate from < 2.6.0 to 2.6.x

If you need to migrate from WooPriceCalculator (version less than 2.6.0) to Excel Worksheet Price Calculation, now called Your Spreadsheet Calculator follow these instructions. Before proceed you will need also the FTP credentials of your website:

  • Deactive the plugin “AWS Price Calculator” from “Plugins > Installed Plugins”
  • Change your PHP version to equal or greater then 8.1
  • Install the new plugin “Excel Worksheet Price Calculation (Compatible with PHP 8)” and activate it
  • Connect via FTP and copy all the content from “/wp-content/uploads/woo-price-calculator” to “/wp-content/uploads/excel-worksheet-price-calculation” (It is better to copy rather than move the files to have a backup copy of your old folder). During the copy, you may be asked if you want to overwrite some files; please choose “Yes”.