Showing calculator using Shortcode

If you want to show your calculator in a WordPress page, you can use the WooCommerce shortcode to do that:

[product_page id="PRODUCT_ID"]

How to use your Shortcode?

In this example, it is explained how to show the calculator on a WordPress “Page” (But of course you can add this shortcode wherever you want on your WordPress website).

  1. In your WP-admin click on “Pages” > “Add new” (But if you have an existing page, edit it)
  2. Add the shortcode ensuring that you are using the “Text” editor as in some cases the “Visual” editor can change your text and make your shortcode unable to work:

3. You can get the product ID you want to display with shortcode by clicking on WooCommerce > Products. Click on Edit button of your product and you’ll see the product ID in your browser URL after post=YOUR_PRODUCT_ID as shown below:

Note: If the product isn’t showing, make sure it isn’t set to Hidden in the Catalog Visibility (On the right-side of your WooCommerce product).