Enhance the security of your WordPress website using 2FA

Are you tired to see lots of break attempts for your admin password?

Do you know it is very easy to break your WordPress admin password especially if you are using unsecure passwords?

You should avoid using “admin” as username of course. This the first attemp hackers will try to do.

Also you should avoid using unsecure passwords: A long password with special characters, numers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters will make the job more difficult.

The problem is you don’t know if other users or administrators in your website are using unsecure passwords or usernames.

Solution is very easy: You can add a new layer of security to your WordPress website by using 2FA (2-Factor Authentication).

When user wants to log in he must type username and password, after this a random code from user smarthphone is requested.

Which means an attacker not only needs username and password (Which could be obtained by brute force) but also a random code generated by the user smartphone.

One of the best plugins you can find out there for WordPress is Your OTP Authenticator.

Perfect combination using WordPress username, password and Google Authenticator.

Google Authenticator is available for all your users: Android, iOS and BlackBerry are supported.

Google Authenticator is free: you, your users or your customers don’t need to pay anything to get a more security layer.