About me

Welcome to Your Plugins!

This is Enrico Venezia talking!

I'm the web designer and programmer of youplugins.com, I will also give you support when you need (ASAP of course!).

I graduated in Computer Engineering at "Politecnico di Torino" (My favorite university in Italy).

At the moment I live and work in Carate Brianza (not so far from Milano).

I started programming when I was 10 years old, I've been/I'm always passionate about Programming, Software, everything around computer is what I love.

I worked many years for several companies: I've been a Marketer, a Software Engineer but then I discovered my way: Programming alone for my ideas, that's what I really love to do.

That's it! In this website you will find all my plugins made for you and improved each time, every day from your feedbacks.

Your feedback is always welcome and trust me, it will never be throw away.

Now you know everything about me but I don't. Would you like to contact me to let me know something about you, your projects or ideas?

I hope I can help you in many other things, just a few ideas:

  • Website Design & Development: I can design and develop your entire website without any limits.
  • Web Application: I can design and develop your Web Application.
  • Mobile Development: I can develop your Web App or Android/iOS application.
  • Hosting Migration: I can migrate your website in a better Web Server.
  • Plugin Customization: I can customize your plugin to fit your needs.
Contact me if you have any questions for your project.

Some of my works

Pavé Milano

The site allows you to receive pastry products directly at home, especially in Milan, and to book ice cream products.

Several synchronizations have been developed to allow the synchronization of the products and the automatic sending to the courier Urban Bike Messenger.

The customer receives specific stock reports and the user experience has been simplified by requesting the visitor only the Postal Code.

New WooCommerce features have been made to allow an even easier purchase of the products.

Made in collaboration with Simone Visani


Swedish website for object printing with support in 5 different languages.

The system was developed ad-hoc with tools for cost calculation of the printing areas and tools for sending offers to customers

Several synchronizations with different technologies have been developed.

Made in collaboration with Simone Visani


Website that allows the sale of hemp-based products from different suppliers (Multi-Vendor)

Several changes have been made to the Dokan plugin by solving several bugs of the plugin and changing its functionality.

Made in collaboration with Simone Visani

Tutorial Musica Italia

E-learning system exclusively dedicated to music.

Several changes have been made to the LearnDash e-learning system by adding new features.

Made in collaboration with Simone Visani

Immobiliare San Felice

Dedicated to the sale of properties in San Felice

Several changes have been made to the search engine of the properties.

Made in collaboration with Simone Visani