Your WooCommerce Conditional Cart Notices

Show a message in WooCommerce cart and checkout based on conditional rules


Why do you need it

Show messages on WooCommerce cart, checkout, product page and shop page

Increase sales by offering discount codes or incentivizing your sales with a text message

Add an image and a call-to-action button to your message and alert your customers about something

Conditional Cart Notices
Cart Notices Rules

Conditional Rules

You can set different rules to make the message appear, such as the total price of the cart, the products in the cart, the type of user, the user's country, the referrer url, the start or end date, total shipping amount or based on the quantity of products.

Combine the rules to make the message appear at specific conditions, for example: If the total price of the cart is greater than $ 100 and the quantity in the cart is less than 5 show the message.

Use the AND or OR operators to combine rules. You can also create rule groups.

Choose whether to add/subtract taxes or coupon costs from your calculations.

Create as many templates as you want

Change the style of the box container message or of the call-to-action button

Choose your favorite image to associate with the message and change the background color

There is no limit to the number of different templates you can create

Cart Notices Template Settings
Cart Notices Appearance Settings

Display the message wherever you want

Display the message in the cart, checkout, shop page, product page or use a shortcode to display it wherever you want

Define where you want the message to appear, for example before or after the cart table. Or before or after the checkout data.

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