Your Spreadsheet Calculator

Create prices for WooCommerce products with Formulas & Excel.

Harness The Power of the Microsoft Excel Engine

Your Spreadsheet Calculator lets you import formulas directly with an Excel file. All you have to do is load the file, match the fields and the job is done!
  • 12 months of updates
  • Compatible with WordPress version 6.2, WooCommerce version 7.6.0, PHP version 8.2
  • Available for most of the formulas in the latest MS Excel version
  • Compatible with MS Excel spreadsheets in XLS format and XLSX
Watch this quick example of how to use Your Spreadsheet Calculator

What is the customer workflow for adding your products to cart?

Addons for Your Spreadsheet Calculator:

Image Logic

Image Logic lets you change the WooCommerce product image inreal-time based on the field's value chosen by the customer. The Product Image Logic is not included in Your Spreadsheet Calculator, it's a separated addon.

Multiple Steps

Create a step by step calculator. Your customers will find it easier to type in few fields at a time.

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Doesn't support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

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