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Getting Started

In this page you will find how to fast configure your Your Ajax Browsing Plugin.

Basic Settings

Please follow the instructions step by step:

To configure Your Ajax Browsing you need to click on “YourPlugins > Ajax Browsing”, you will notice the “Ajax Browsing Basic Settings” panel:

  • Page Selector: Default is “#page”. It is the page selector for your theme
  • Theme: The loading bar theme while surfing

Everything should already work on your frontend website . If not please read next articles.

Script Management

It is possible that something in your website is not working as it should (For example some actions are executed more then once).

In this case you should tell the plugin some more information inside the “Ajax Browsing Script Management” panel.

Click on “Enable Script Scanner” and then click on “Save”, don’t close the page, but open your frontend website in an other page.

Now surf the frontend website where you are having problems.

Update the backend page, now you will see new scripts inside the “Ajax Browsing Script Management” panel: Select the related script and change the “Mode”:

  • Load Once: It will load the script just once. Script is not loaded anymore when your users surf next pages. It is useful if you see multiple actions from the script.
  • Load Every Time: It will load the script every time your users surf next pages. It is useful if something is not working after your users surf in an other page.
  • Do Not Load: It will never load the script. It is useful if you just don’t need a script.

After changes are made click on “Save”.

If you need to delete all the scripts and re-scan them click on “Delete all scanned scripts”.

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