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Your InvoicePlane & WooCommerce Integration Documentation

Getting Started

In this article I will explain you how to get started using Your InvoicePlane & WooCommerce Integration.

First we’ll see how to configure InvoicePlane and after how to configure your WordPress website.

InvoicePlane Configuration

  1. Append the follow line of code to your InvoicePlane installation in the file “/application/config/config.php”: $config['csrf_exclude_uris']¬†=¬†array('webservice');
  2. Download the plugin from your account area
  3. Exctract the ZIP file
  4. Copy the folder “webservice” (which is inside the folder “invoiceplane_installation”) to your InvoicePlane in “/application/modules”

WordPress Configuration

After InvoicePlane configuration is finished you can proceed to configure WordPress:

  1. Install the ZIP file you’ve downloaded
  2. In your “wp-config.php” file append the following:
define('YPS_INVOICEPLANE', array(
	'url' => 'https://YOUR_INVOICEPLANE_URL',
	'invoice_group_id' => YOUR_INVOICEPLANE_GROUP_ID,
	'invoice_filename_prefix' => 'Invoice',
	'post_meta_vat_id' => '_billing_vat_number',
	'post_meta_tax_code' => '_billing_tax_code',
	/* Payment Method Mapping: wc_pm => ip_pm */
	'payment_methods'		=> array(


  • url: It’s your InvoicePlane installation URL
  • username: Provide your administrator username
  • password: Provide your administrator passwod
  • invoice_group_id: The group id of your invoices. You can check this ID by clicking on “Settings > Invoice Groups > Invoice Default [Options > Edit]” and check the last number in your browser address bar.
  • invoice_filename_prefix: You can use any prefix you would like.
  • post_meta_vat_id: Meta ID of your VAT Field
  • post_meta_tax_code: Meta ID of your Tax Code field
  • payment_methods: You can get the ID of your InvoicePlane payment methods by clicking on “Settings > Payment Methods > METHOD” and check the last number in your browser address bar.
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